- Playing My Violin...Final Songby pharp
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Playing My Violin...Final Song by pharp
20 Line Poem contest entry

I'll play my violin on this shore,
a soothing sound like never before -
Seizing my broken heart - words that bind,
a promise of love which made me blind

The night is quiet, no one in sight -
moonlight is radiant...shining bright
In my heart is a riveting tune,
my thoughts ponder as my bow attune

The tune in my mind fades in and out -
unforgiving darkness brings much doubt
The evening is wind-swept, my tears tossed,
 …perplexed by malice, all love is lost

The strings of lies have broken my heart,
his words deceitful right from the start
Bashing the love shared on every scale,
a song of relief comes to a sail

He called our love an awful mistake
I seek solace from a harsh heartbreak-
I'll play my violin one last time,
a blissful song which will be sublime


Author Notes
Artwork: Google Images

The artwork inspired the poem.


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