- Busy as a Bumblebeeby pharp
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Busy as a Bumblebee by pharp
Funny Nonsense Poem writing prompt entry

I'm busy as a bumblebee....

With much to do - nothing to see

I clean my house and all that stuff

Afterward, I just puff! puff! puff!

I go outside to get some sun...

Run down the driveway just for fun

hubby shouts, "you're not that young."

I cried out, please hold your tongue

I can be a handful sometimes

There's lots of ranting, words and rhymes

If all is not clear so you'll know

I'm reaching out to say hello...

I find the time to sing and shout

I often laugh and sometimes pout

What else to do, while I'm confined

I pen poems - for peace of mind

This is all nonsense, can't you see -

I'm busy as a bumblebee...


Writing Prompt
Write a funny nonsense poem.

Author Notes
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