- Seeking Prayers by pharp
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Mary Kay Bonfante
Prayers for Fanstory Family
: Seeking Prayers by pharp

A prayer request has been made known
From Mary Kay, our very own
Lord, let her know, she's not alone
As You hear our prayers and our groans

We lean on you to deliver and heal,
Her husband and mother from their ordeal
We give you honor and the highest praise -
For healing her loved ones with brighter days

We ask that you strengthen Mary Ann too...
Giving her a praiseworthy breakthrough
We touch and agree in Jesus' name
Your grace and mercy we shall proclaim

Author Notes
12 days ago Mary Ann posted the comments below on her profile page, asking for prayers from her Fanstorian family:

Mary Kay Bonfante : Again, I am here, asking prayers from my friends (and anyone else who wants to be a friend).

Yesterday my mother, Kay, called Life Alert and the paramedics took her to the hospital for a personal issue requiring attention. While she was there, they tested her for Covid-19, and to her shock and dismay (and mine), the result was positive.

Just over a week ago, she received a negative test result from the Covid-19 community testing they ran in her building. She has no clear Coronavirus symptoms, with the exception of very mild pneumonia that just showed up on a CT scan (which was revealed accidentally, as the CT scan was abdominal) and this was all completely unexpected.

My Mom is 83 and mostly confined to her bed, with severe pain and immobility brought on by age-related spinal deformities.

I am praying that this virus will not take hold of her, because she is at great risk. The doctors prescribed some medications, but she will have to check with her personal physician to find out which ones she can tolerate.

Kindly remember her in your prayers! I thank you, with all my heart.

A few days ago, her mother went into A-fib and almost died. Her husband is in the hospital as well. Mary is going through a difficult time right now, let us lift her up in prayer.


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