- Huggie the Bearby Aussie
This work has reached the exceptional level
Yesterday has gone, tomorrow?
Huggie the Bear by Aussie
Dialogue Only Writing Contest contest entry

Give me a hug, Huggie Bear.
No way Hosea!
Why not, I have been a good boy?

I met a meanie called Covid19

What's he got to do with a hug?

He's a nasty little critter that kills.

Oh, but you are a good Huggie Bear.
I am good, not hugging you boy


I am now your care bear
Protecting you from nasty Covid19

I see mum and dad hugging?
That's different.


They are Covid19 free
What's wrong with a hug, Huggie?

I've been to playschool all day, boy
Too many have hugged me.

Washing machine will fix you
Wanna bath Huggie Bear?
Mum? Huggie needs a bath.

Author Notes
Dialogue Only contest entry. Some folks disregard the fact that hugging anyone can pass it on. Even Huggie Bear knows that.


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