- Jesus' Love Made me Wholeby pharp
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Jesus' Love Made me Whole by pharp
Write a Kyrielle writing prompt entry

I lived in my own world of sin,
hatred was prowling deep within
God's grace and mercy took control
 Jesus touched me and made me whole
God's word taught me how to forgive -
I have repented, now I live
I've taken back what Satan stole,
 Jesus touched me and made me whole
I'm no longer blind, now I see -
God's divine plan He has for me
He has cleansed me and blessed my soul,
Jesus touched me and made me whole
My belief in Christ gives me peace,
knowing His love will never cease
To show compassion is my goal,
Jesus touched me and made me whole


Writing Prompt
A kyrielle is made of quatrains (four lines) that rhyme (any rhyme scheme can be used). Each stanza (quatrain) has a line that repeats from the previous stanza. That line is usually the last line in the stanza, but it does not have to be. Each line is made up of eight syllables. There is no limit to the number of stanzas. A Kyrielle is usually made up of three or more stanzas. For this prompt, a minimum of three stanzas is required.


Author Notes
Thanks Google Images for the use of the artwork.


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