- All About Loveby pharp
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Celebrating Love...
All About Love by pharp
Celebrating 20 Years!: 20 Line Poem writing prompt entry

It all begins with Love today -
Kind regards I send your way
Trusting we all can see above
A gift, freely given - we call Love

Committed love is what it takes
Absolving all our past mistakes
Love is divine, loyal and strong
Love lingers with you all day long

Love is in your heart - deep within
Love is kind, it doesn't offend
Love is honest, peaceful and warm
Love can never cause fear or harm

Love at no time encourages hate
Love will never discriminate
Love is trustworthy all the time 
Perfect love is not hard to find
Unwavering love steps right in
Comforting your soul to the end
If there’s empathy in your heart
You are off to a LOVING start 


Writing Prompt
Write a poem of any type. But it should have a total of 20 lines.

Author Notes
Thanks Google Images for the use of the artwork.

This started off being a free verse, but rhyming took over. There is no specific syllable count or meter. These are my thoughts penned as is.


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