- We All Lay At The Crossroads by poetsteve15
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We All Lay At The Crossroads by poetsteve15
Have a good 4thOf July

We all Lay At The Crossroads

At this time in our history we as
 a Nation we lay at the crossroads
of where we will go, or even what
we might want to do in our future.
Most of that is up to each of us
to decide what you or I want
out of this life, good or bad that’s
up to each of us to determine.
I do know that race and hate cannot
be a part of whatever we do as a
country. We just have to learn to
love each other as brothers and sisters.
I do not care if you are a cop,  you
cannot kill a man just because you
don’t like the color of his skin; nor
can you burn down America because of him.
Only together as one Nation can we
even hope to rebuild is great country
back were we all the same, equal and no
barriers of color and no damn border walls.

      Steve Lee Siegel
     July 8th, 2020


Author Notes
The Picture is from Pinterest. I Call The "Crossroads" I wrote tis for the 4th Of July like me it is late hope you like it..


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