- Strangers Againby prodigal
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Strangers Again by prodigal

Strangers at first
You invited me in
You showed me your world
And the beauty within
We laughed and we loved
Had the time of our lives
It was almost enough
Almost enough

For the nights I don't remember
For the days I can't forget
I'll slip off and surrender
To the pain of such regret
For the time we spent together
For the day we fell apart
For the times we said forever
For both our broken hearts
As we walk away
I'll remember back when
After all that we've been through
Just To be strangers again

You come back around
We try to be friends
You know how it hurts
Cause I know how it ends
Still see you the same
As I did back then
With no other choice
With no other choice

Let's not dig it back up
It was almost enough
It was almost enough

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