- Just a Pupby tempeste
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Just a Pup by tempeste
Celebrating 20 Years!: 20 Line Poem writing prompt entry

You bought me as a gift for your three-year-old boy,
in his young mind I was just a cool toy.
He pulled my tail, kicked my toes, yanked at my fur, and hit my nose.

A stressful situation for me indeed, I'd yelp but that wouldn't help.
One day the tiny jerk poked my eye, I nipped the pest in reply.

It was an involuntary reaction, there was no malice in my action
yet I was chained outside while a loud discussion began inside.

At dawn an ugly surprise awaited,
I was taken for a drive, it took quite some time to arrive.
A sense of doom seized my heart,
to get me out he pulled rather hard,
I whined and pleaded but alas my fate was sealed.

I was handed over without further ado;
weeks became months as I grew in a cage one metre by two.

I sit in my corner now and stew,
had a few unsuccessful views
so my days continue to be blue.

All I wanted was a family to love and in time protect
but forgiveness was not in their hearts.
Hopefully, others will offer me a fresh new start.

Writing Prompt
Write a poem of any type. But it should have a total of 20 lines.


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