- Seashore Serenityby Ronni
This work has reached the exceptional level
silent ripples of hurtful turmoil
Seashore Serenity by Ronni

anguished ending before
even a beginning
restless ripples of hurt's
gripping turmoil
disbelieving manifests
beside past regrets
that welled inside unshed tear

amidst feelings, emotions suddenly
to the surface and heart brought
belie yearnings like gypsy dances
with no mercies for betrayed arrival

silenced before ever courted
or gently, sweetly awoken
sand barred from any echoes
of secret dreams or caressing
winds of rising tide achingly
soul kissed with no shore to claim

Author Notes
Lost chances whether on land or sea, never return to their beginning tide's sighs.
They come and go, and we are without warning or intention, sometime caught
up between, and neither time or tempest favors a desired outcome.


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