- A New Country?by Aussie
This work has reached the exceptional level
Refugees in for a shock.
A New Country? by Aussie
Share A Story In A Poem contest entry

Come to the land of sunshine
Start a new life without pain
Pay up front to the toothless kind
He will tell you lies, picture frame

The boat is leaking, can't you see?
Overcrowded with you and me
Children hungry, screaming
Our tears are now streaming

Land in sight, we bless new laws
Finally reached sandy shores
Bullhorns bellow from all about
We cower in distress and shout

Navy takes us one by one
We are scared of his gun
Our boats are burnt
No going back to be hurt

Tall wire fences open wide
One by one, pushed inside
No smiles from us today
Prisoners without delay

Propaganda painted new life
Australia would help my wife
Our children, no more fear
Safe in prison now, children cheer

Author Notes
Contest Entry: Tell a Story in Poem. Refugees fleeing to Australia don't even reach our shores. They are jailed on small islands. Some have been incarcerated for years. These people, yes they are people just like us. They have given everything they had, even loan sharks to get the money to come. Immediately they are processed and put behind wire fences. Some have been there for years.


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