- A Parent's First Hoursby victortouche
This work has reached the exceptional level
just what it says
A Parent's First Hours by victortouche

Because now
You gonna grow up

For real this time

'Cause if she dies,
if she can't grow,
can't be, can't cry,
can't accomplish-

It's yours

'Cause now,
you're two adults.

And it's your
she must play
to get there.

It's lonely.
It's brutal,
but it's life.

one day,
you'll play it,
you'll have it,
no other way.



Author Notes
A portrait, photo,
commissioned by me.

Selected by me,
but not the best.

The best still hangs
in my office, these
22 years later.

Still...not bad.

victor touche


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