- A Generation Gapby jaybird1
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The times sure are changing
A Generation Gap by jaybird1

I'm very old, my eyes are dim.
My friends have passed, most all of them,
yet, here I am hanging around.
When born my city was a town.

I hope young folk will give a call
but, they're too busy at some mall.
I wish that they would come around
and lay those texting cell phones down.

The reason that they never show
and listen to the things I know;
They live their lives most virtually, 
and that excludes old folk, like me.

Their time is coming, wait and see.
They'll be in the same shape as me
and wonder why it took so long,
to sing this sad and lonely song.



Author Notes
I am ever hopeful to visit and talk with grandkids and
other younger people. They don't seem to be interested.


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