- Flash Non-Fictionby Susan Larson
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Country girl in the big city
Flash Non-Fiction by Susan Larson


Susan: Longtime resident of a big city, works downtown and is very familiar with everything.

Carolyn: New employee, a 21-year-old farm girl, very naive and overwhelmed by her new surroundings.

Susan: Welcome to the big city! Have you ever been here before?

Carolyn: No. Actually, this is the first time I ever left home.

Susan: Oh, I'd love to show you around. Why don't we go on a tour of the city next week?

Carolyn: Oh, I'd love to!

(A week later Susan and Carolyn go out to explore Carolyn's new home.)

Susan: We'll start downtown. There's a really cool soft sculpture shop that I just love. Really unique stuff.

(They enter the shop. Carolyn is entranced with all the beachball sized silk apples, flannel peaches and burlap oranges.)

Carolyn: Oh, I love this! It's all so cool!

Susan: Yes, I love coming here. You never know what they'll think of next.

(Susan and Carolyn stroll through the store. Susan points to a wicked looking little male doll in a beige raincoat.)

Susan: Carolyn, look at that.

Carolyn: Oh, he looks kind of evil.

Susan: Why don't you open his raincoat?

Carolyn: (Opens the raincoat) Oh! How gross! Oh, how disgusting! How vulgar! I can't believe anyone would make something like that! Or try to sell something like that! Or that someone would buy something like that!

(Susan remains silent, wondering if she's robbed a poor farm girl of her innocence. She strolls on to the next display, assuming Carolyn is right behind her. Within seconds she hears a scream.)

Carolyn: Susan! They even come in all different sizes!


Author Notes
True story. Told it dozens of times. Thought I'd try it as a script.


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