- Water for DirtyThirsty Believersby Deniz22
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Cleansing believers for Jesus' sake
Water for DirtyThirsty Believers by Deniz22

"But one of the soldiers pierced His side with a spear, and immediately blood and water came out."
John 19:34 NKJV

Teaching for believers: Jesus washed feet to remove the dirt of this world.

This was a figurative action, showing the need for Him to periodically wash our minds of the dirt (earthly thought, philosophies, Satanic lies) in this present world. The purpose of this washing is so we might "partake" of Him, the "bread of Heaven" and feed our souls to the full of Scripture! Only when we are full of His Spirit can we truly worship, learn Him, and serve Him.

At first it may sound like heresy to say this, but the answer to the rhetorical question in the old hymn, "What can wash away my sin? Nothing but the blood of Jesus" is not entirely correct.

Certainly, Christ's atoning blood sacrifice alone saves our souls forever from condemnation. However, after our conversion, we continually need the water of the Word to first wash away the "dirt" involuntarily accumulated in our minds by simply being in this present world. This allows us to then drink in the pure water of the Spirit which Christ can transform into the wine of gladness. Surely, we have this treasure of His true Word in clay pots !

"Peter said to Him, "You shall never wash my feet!" Jesus answered him, "If I do not wash you, you have no part with Me." John 13:8 - NKJV

Feeling your need of your God today?
Do this; Take the next available time and begin reading the Psalms and just keep reading as long as reasonably possible. I am speaking of one session.

There will be future times of focusing and studying on one Psalm, but for now, you are doing a "fly over", getting a restoring vision of many of the peaks of revelation of the God of the mountains and the valleys.

This panoramic view of God's greatness, the surety of His promises, His certain Judgement of the wicked, and the coming glory of His Kingdom will refresh your soul, renew your mind, invigorate your spirit and fit you again for serving the King of kings and Lord of lords acceptably. I did this today and got as far as Psalm 18. The blessing of "thinking God's thoughts after Him" linger even now. Will pick up there tomorrow! One thing which really stood out to me was God's anger at wicked, violent men who destroy and burn, wreaking havoc, lawless and headed for destruction. 

Please remember, after the last supper, Jesus told us to do for other believers what He had just done for the Apstles. 
In other words, refresh fellow believers with the water, the living water of the Spirit contained within the scripture. I just tried to do that for you, my beloved brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ!

God bless, and please follow through on any committment you made to God's glory and the strengthening of His dear, blood-bought people! 

Author Notes
I would love to hear from anyone who responded to the call to simply read through the Psalms in a "fly-over" fashion. What was your experience and what in particular stood out to you? God bless you, Dennis


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