- Immeasureablesby Ronni
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Softly settle in your heart
Immeasureables by Ronni

Foolish and wasteful it is to be
or remain a prisoner to our past
it was only meant as a 'lesson'
not a life sentence
we cannot become what we want
to be or achieve by remaining what we are
everyone sees what we appear to be
but how many ever 'experience' what we really are?

No scales or quotas can ever measure precisely
what we can do or achieve if we keep simple
reminders and rewards sustainable within
if we learn to reflect on at the end of each day
some new enrichment gently settle in our heart
for the things we did do well, better or best
that no one knew, saw, or praised, but felt good and
right inside, no guilt, regrets or doubts lingering

When days are filled with sunshine bright and warm
gladly hold them close and ever dear, like a child
hugs their favorite teddy bear with joyful glee
to gather in on grey days and storms sudden dismay
believe so deep within, that no burdens are too heavy
or unbearable grief or pain that Divine One lets no
true Believer, struggle alone or in futile vain

Never allow ourselves so bereft or lonely that
there is not a yet brighter star that hovers nearer
to ease us out of momentary darkness or fear
nor that and ever lovelier melody of love lingers
in our heart, that glows sweeter over lifetime
instilling grander dreams; soothing soul echoes


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