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Gale force winds can't shake everything.
Three Reminders About God. by Dr. Nad
Rhyming Poetry Contest contest entry
Artwork by adriansart at

In those scary times of crisis,
when everything is uncertain,
I remind myself of three things,
it helps me rip back the curtain.

In spite of what it may look like,
when I see no reason or rhyme,
I know I can trust in, His heart.
My God is good, all of the time.

As voices calling out to me,
with pressure to follow a whim,
bring their loads of uncertainty,
I always know, I can trust Him.

It's great that God loved the world,
from the mountain tops to the sea,
Everything that he created.
I rest knowing, MY God loves me.

Author Notes
I would like to send a special shout out to Adriansart for the perfect picture of bringing home three significant creatures in the haze of uncertain, times. In the picture three solitary figures come home to roost in the early morning daybreak.

My three pillars are unshakable truths:

1. My God is good, all of the time.
2. I always know, I can trust him.
3. I can rest, knowing God loves ME.

Each line of this poem has eight syllables.


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