- Humming Into Autumnby Ronni
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Whisking away all heated stalla
Humming Into Autumn by Ronni

Spritely falling leaves of Autumn
summons a lilting hum and joyful pause
ocher, vermillion, and crimson
leisurely decend as if on cue while whisking
away all heated stalls of summers last sigh

Nature's little creatures, scatter about excitedly
Maple robes change into hues of amber and scarlet
sky clutches a silken shawl of silver and grey
whirling breezes waft spicy scents flirtatiously
fall's furry, feathered, winged dwellers scurry
busily gather, forage for winter's store anew

Goldenrods proudly strutting enchantingly
eagerly joined in by scarlet sumacs crew
off yonder, bright orange pumpkins can
hardly wait to thrill treaters and taste buds
haystacks, rounded moon, shuffle of leaves
Autumn nudges heart to softly hum and praise
for the beauty and bounty of robust fall days


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