- Virtual zombiesby djeckert
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Did the brick and mortar church eat itself?
Virtual zombies by djeckert

Are we all becoming that proverbial zombie creature?
Slowly, without even realizing it... even us Christians?

"Have no fear! God is with us "
"If God is with us, then who can be against us?"

"Our God is bigger!
Our God is stronger!"

We sing these songs from behind the mask

We gather virtually to sing His praise.

We even gather our cars in big parking lots...

... All of this "effort", to shout out HIS praise from behind the Pharaoh's Windows

"Let my people go!", echoes emptily off of the glass of our monitors

"Let my people go!", reverberates off of the glass of our windshields

We don't really Care that we are told we shouldn't sing

We don't really care that we are told when and how we can gather

We don't really care that we are told not to hug our brother

We don't really care that we are even told not to shake his hand

We Don't REALLY Care that WE are told not to be a human.

We don't REALLY care. that our brains and our wills are being eaten . (We don't even seem to really care that Pharaoh admits to having no intention to stop eating, or ever let us, or our children, go.)

We don't REALLY care...this zombie-like creature sings praises to his god.

"Greater things are yet to come!
Greater things are still to be done in this city!
There is none like our God"... are the sung words... barely being discerned by the world, from behind that mask

Oftentimes, we don't even physically wear that mask

Who is hiding behind that mask?

What REALLY sees through that mask?

WHAT , REALLY gets through that mask?

Author Notes
It's not about a virus

But it is something seemingly tasty touching our brains.


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