- When we are apartby JLR
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Togetherness becomes cozy until you are not together
When we are apart by JLR

Quiet, so very quiet,
I can hear a dozen sounds not heard before
just an hour after you went out the door.

I wasn't prepared,
your absence,
has become a chore,
for me to be creative
not to become bored.

At first, you said,
"it will be only a week
I'll be with my sister,
sure, I will miss you, mister!"

Day one, came and gone
Day two, I started thinking wrong,
Day three, I was awake before the predawn
Day four, midnight hour and I yawn,
Day five, by midday I felt withdrawn.

Today, near a week - homecoming
I sat on the stool and was humming,
when the iPhone began thrumming
thinking I'd not see a text not becoming
so raw, however, it is extremely numbing.

Tomorrow came...
Another seven days... Do you say?
But, it's been a week today...
604,800 seconds, what a shame.
Methinks, it's fair game
for me to do the same!


Author Notes
A poem about your soulmate begone for a does the partner deal with this?


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