- Matt Wants a Ratby Tina Crute
This work has reached the exceptional level
A short rhyming story poem.
Matt Wants a Rat by Tina Crute
    A Phonemes and Phonics Challenge Contest Winner 

Matt wanted a rat.
He went to find his cat, Scat.
She was sleeping on a mat.
He said, Scat, please find me a rat.
Scat said to Matt, Do not ask me that.
Matt kept asking his cat.
Scat did not want to chat.
Scat did not want to find Matt a rat.
Scat wanted to finish her morning nap.
Quickly, she jumped on Matt's lap.
It was another good place to nap.
Soon, Scat was asleep on Matt.
She was napping and that was that.
Scat just wanted to end the rat chat.
Matt sat and sat and wished for a rat.
He fell asleep just like the cat.

He dreamed of having his very own rat.
He named him Pat, to rhyme with Scat.
Pat could talk just like his cat.
Pat liked to chat. How do I know that?
Now Pat is asking Matt for a cat!
A Phonemes and Phonics Challenge
Contest Winner



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