- Summer Nightsby Tina Crute
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Sounds in the Summer
Summer Nights by Tina Crute
    Seasons acrostic Contest Winner 

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S ummer's singing katydids
U nder moonlight skies
M aking music with their wings, our
M idnight lullabies.
E ven crickets join the band
R ubbing wings to synthesize.

N octurnal owls join in with HOO's
 I n search of what's to eat.
G runts and growls are raccoon's sounds,
H iss and click, opossum's beat.
T he croaking of the chorus frogs, now
S ymphony's complete!

Writing Prompt
write an acrostic poem about one of the four seasons.
Seasons acrostic
Contest Winner


Author Notes
Animals in summer can individually make different sounds, depending on if their territory is being invaded, they are trying to get a girlfriend, or they are talking to fellow creatures. I found this information at National Wildlife Federation/


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