- Doing What I Loveby Tina Crute
This work has reached the exceptional level
Poetry of the heart.
Doing What I Love by Tina Crute

Do what you love, they say,
But what if I don't know which thing to choose?
I love writing poetry! I love writing devotions. I love writing songs.
Who gets to say if I am any good?
I do, but what if I give a wrong answer?
Is there even a wrong answer?
Does it matter to me if I am any good?
How much does it matter?
Does my writing need to be a winner for it to be good?
Is it okay if I am the only one who enjoys my words?
Is a falling tree in the forest heard?
I feel I am in a forest of words.
choosing ones for others to snack on.
Will they like my offering?
I used to care a lot. Now...
Does it really matter?
Shouldn't the heart choose what gets put in print?
Would that make me original?
Yes. Because I am an original. True art doesn't copy art.
Art is created by a unique individual and that is me.
I am unique and special, even if no one gives me praise or if they do.
My art comes from being who God made me to be.
I love to write! What I write belongs only to me.
I choose if it's good. It's good if it's honest.
I give myself a first place! I am honest.
I've found my passion and its beautiful.


Author Notes
Just thinking about why I write. Sometimes I get caught up in writing, hoping to win the approval of others, contests, a better spot on a list. That's not wrong necessarily. I just don't want to lose myself in it. It is a slippery slope. There are politics in every contest on earth. It's the nature of the game, and it can change my nature if I let it... but there is also much good. I just have to choose wisely, what the purpose of my writing will be. It will be for ME. How freeing a choice. I love you all!
Thank you, Equestrik for your poem, Choices.


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