- Errant Matchesby JLR
This work has reached the exceptional level
A tossed match at the right time in the wrong place
Errant Matches by JLR

Cringing! Shoulders tight, neck tighter,
I can't but help think about that volunteer
A lifetime on the job, and it took just
one gob of a slob, tossing a match
that unlatched such fury, whence
this father of five,
we will now bury.

Just a match, someone will say
but looking back and at all those who are dazed,
Surely the massive losses outweigh forgiveness
for the errant tosses!

Homes destroyed, vast acres laid to waste,
memories are all that are rising from the ashes,
not one photo contained in a frame!

Matches tossed errantly --
Lock 'em up, I say!
Toss away the keys
don't unlock the latches...



Author Notes
Fabulous Free Versers prompt: Matches


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