- Fleeting is the Nightby Sally Law
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Comfort in your loss, Yvonne.
Prayers for Fanstory Family
: Fleeting is the Night by Sally Law

The hall clock was nearing midnight;
my heart... leaping with joys,
ecstatic with the thought of her,
a girl among the boys.

Then, shivers and fears engulfed me.
A babe with no life breath?
I thought I would die from sheer grief,
prostrate, mourning her death.

Today, a friend has lost her son,
struck down during his prime.
A hard truth has come upon her
with the passage of time.

The only comfort I offer--
Christ--the Eternal One.
In Him--death has no victory,
sorrows He'll overcome.

The fleeting night shall pass away,
the sun will shine again;
in your heart for eternity,
on this you can depend.


Author Notes
My poem is for our dear Yvonne, and for anyone who has lost a child.

I speak here of my greatest loss, my granddaughter, Esther Grace in 2013. A woman in my church pulled me aside, telling me sun would shine again. She also shared that she believed there was another granddaughter in the future for me. A year later, my precious Sophia arrived.

God is near to the broken hearted. He really is. Praying for you today , dear Yvonne, and for your family. Your loss is our loss here at FanStory.
Sal XOs....xo....


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