- God is Nearby Tina Crute
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A poem for Yvonne and family.
Prayers for Fanstory Family
: God is Near by Tina Crute
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A prayer for Yvonne's family

Although I did not know her well,
Fanstory members tell her tale.
I only know her sweet replies
would often mist my thankful eyes.
It's now my turn to offer aid
because with poets, friends are made.

Yvonne and family, I am here
to tell you all that God is near.
I don't know what you're going through,
but I know who our prayers go to.
So with that said, and hugs all around,
for you my knees will hit the ground.

Dear Lord, I ask you for my friend
Stay by her side 'til suffering ends.
Give her mem'ries that will make
her pain a bit less of an ache.
Let her family feel the peace that
comes from you, our needs to meet.

Thank you, Lord, for answered prayer.
I know that you're already there,
You're comforting the sorrowed ones
who count their blessings in a son.
His passing takes a toll on them
so thanks for all you do, Amen.

Just one more thing before I go.
I hope that you will let them know.
That even when tears fill the eye,
Hope is found up in your sky.
I can think of no more rhymes,
so please just hold her all the time.

Love you, Yvonne!

Author Notes
I love my Fanstory family. It is so encouraging to see and feel the love given back and forth among the members:)


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