- Untying One Strapby Lulube
This work has reached the exceptional level
Lose your morals you could lose yourself
Untying One Strap by Lulube

There are those underlying thoughts
stored in the crevices of one's mind
So deep into the unexplained matter,
that few will ever venture to step or
crawl towards the sucking vortex at
the base of one's, not-so-innocent, mind
Vibrations, pulsing through the juggler veins
alerts my curiosity to question the source
I slip out of the grasp of one safety strap, it
enables me to, ever so slightly, cross-over,
through the jagged perimeter of the zoned vortex

It's total blackness, without any backlight
filtering through the crack where the other
half of my person, awaits in shock
A stale, stench lingers, in a mildew-scented
space, where the air is almost too thick to breathe

Dingy and cluttered debris, spewed, wildly around
the surroundings of this forbidden space,
was saturated and bursting the turgid rule with
twisted, demented and torturous thoughts, that
have no limits and progress through boundaries

EXIT STAGE LEFT GIRL and don't look back

Unforeseen, sensations of tugs on my leg
from a hand stripped of skin, sends shivers
down my spine and arms and a flood of panic
boils under my skin, as I try to break out
of my outter shell, trying to locate a pinhole
that's big enough for all of me to escape through
Trying, trying......

I felt the sweat rolling down my cheeks
and a small creek rolling down my spine
Not sure if I was paralized or standing one foot,
in a pool of quick sand, so I started flailing
any limb that would move and they did
not let me down

Words slipped through my lips, as I heard


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