- Po Amby Bill Schott
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Po Am by Bill Schott
Nonconformity writing prompt entry

Conformity in poetry

makes meter mean the most,

the gone and went of goetry

means stepping on some toast.

I like to play with verse,

though some say it is worse,

to bend a format's frame,

when it should stay the - way it always was.

I would rename sonnets 'MIKE',

lim-e-RICKS would speak of SPIKE,

all haiku be 'bout crime,

and free verse cost a dime.

All sestina ending words

would be aquatic birds,

like penguins, ducks, and geese,

which swim the seven ... seize the non sequitur.

I could write an ode,

all in Morse code,

or a portmanteau,

'bout an or-ang-a-roo.

Nonconformity in poetry

makes rhyming less a thing,

but spilling and punk-shoe-a-shun

must remain impotent!  Zing?  


Writing Prompt
Write a poem about nonconformity. Poem must rhyme. Can be humorous or serious, and any length is acceptable.


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