- Before The Touchby karenina
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Before The Touch by karenina
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In silence we exist, in blindness, see...

though out of reach, our fingers trace our past.

'Tis nebulous, this serendipity...

unthinkable to feel so safe at last!

If fate brought us together, let us not

waste moments wond'ring where this path may lead,

but rather let's enjoy the time we've got...

for ev'ry moment shared fulfills a need!

We learn with age that intimacy's truth.

It's far afield from passion's throes and such.

Life's treasures do not come to us in youth,

perhaps we'll find them now, before the touch?

A cabin, autumn leaves, a rustic porch?

Two rocking chairs, two souls, an unlit torch...



Author Notes
"...I imagine the two of them
sitting in a garden
among late-blooming roses
and dark cascades of leaves,
letting the landscape speak for them,
leaving us nothing to overhear..."

(An excerpt from the poem "Romantics" --by Lisel Mueller)


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