- Opening my Ballotby Jesse James Doty
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Opening my Ballot by Jesse James Doty

I opened up my ballot last night
and felt the enormity of the task laid out before me.

This time there were not just the obvious candidate choices
but all of the State and Federal initiatives as well.

Every question asked of you and---
every important decision---

Is it really left up to all of us to choose the right answer?

Weighing the pros and cons allows for heavy thinking.
Now, we must take this act of service very seriously
and, ask all of us the hard questions,
then take into account what our gut tells us
and, help decide what the future holds...for folks like me,
as well, as those not like me.

This is both a privilege and a duty,
depending on how we choose to view it,
remembering that taking no action
is an act in and of itself.

A wave of gratitude washes over me,
as I lay my pen down and complete the important action
of casting my vote.


Author Notes
Once again I thank you for revisiting the ballot once again.

Thank you for reading.


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