Points Information
Each time you comment on a story, poem or book chapter you earn points and member cents. Most work rewards one point but stories, poems and book chapters with certificates (explained in detail here) may give out more. Points go towards the number of blue stars that are shown in your signature and profile.

The more you comment the more blue stars you will earn. In addition, you are ranked as a reviewer based on the number of points you earn when commenting.

Points required to earn blue stars:

= 10 points
= 100 points
= 250 points
= 600 points
When five blue stars are earned your stars are upgraded.
= 1500 points
= 2500 points
= 5000 points
= 10,000 points
Nine stars are earned when a member earns 20,000 points. At this point a members name is surrounded by the stars earned.

Ten stars are earned at 50,000 points. At this point the signature is updated again with a circular ring. Additional stars are earned around the ring for each 10,000 milestone.