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Reviews from
Life From An Avid JOgger's Poin

To describe how I feel abot jogging.

  2 total reviews 
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This is a good rhyming poem which pays tribute to jogging. Before i had y knee replacements, I was a jogger and I loved it. Best of luck to you in the contest.

 Comment Written 26-Oct-2020

reply by the author on 27-Oct-2020
    Dear Equestrik,

    Thank you for the compliment on my Jogging poem. That really did give me a major warm-fuzzy. In reply, yes, I'm a jogger. That's how I relievem my stress, not to mention it helps me be victorious over my, "Battle Of The Bulge." That helps me feel a lot better.
    Now, tell me something about you such as your age, Birthday, hobbies, the state you're in, anything interesting ever happen in your life or whatever. Do that and I'll write you a personal poem when your spesial day gets neer. I don't have any friends or family members left who enjoy my poems so your feedback was greatly appreciated. Please write me back when you have time.

    Love, Cuz.

reply by equestrik on 27-Oct-2020
    I am a 63 year old woman. I live in utah and have 3 children and 5 grandchildren. I was born in Vermont and have moved a lot. I have taught in public school for 30 years working with junior high school kids with behavior issues and i am now a school counselor. I am an avid horsewoman.

reply by the author on 28-Oct-2020

    It sure is great to find somebody else who also enjoys doing things that improve their body by doing physical things. You didn't say if you enjoyed doing that kind of thing but hopefully that's something we have in common. Thank you for the feedback. Also tell me your opinion on my Mountain's and, "Punny-Guy" poems. They're my favorites. Thank you for the awesome feedback on my poem.

    With fondness, Cuz Roye, (my name's been abused so that's what everybody in town calls me these days). God bless you.

reply by equestrik on 28-Oct-2020
    I do like your mountain poem, i, too live in mountains on the other side of the country. the punny guy poem is funny

reply by the author on 28-Oct-2020
    Dear Equestrik,

    Thank you for replying to my poem. It's great to get some major warm-fuzzies from a fan of my, "warped" sense of humor. As you can tell, I love puns. That's something that comes from my Grandaddy. He was the Punster King in my family until I dethroned him. Thank for replying to my, "punny" sense of humor so nicely. Hopefully you won't hurt your foot and need a. "toe-truck" to get around.

    Thank you for replying to my warped sense of humor. Signed, your, "punny-poet," Cuz.

reply by equestrik on 28-Oct-2020
    Ha! nope, toe is fine!

reply by the author on 28-Oct-2020
    It's great to find another person who enjoys jogging like me. Although, since that's just a seasonal sport, I'm better at swimming now. At least that was true before this stupid Covid junk's been over the whole Earth. Because of that, I am not getting nay what's known as, "p. a.," which is short for physical-activities. A while back I stood on some digital scales and they read, "One at a time, PLEASE!!!!" If that wasn't bad enough, I foolishly tried it again last week and that time I broke them. If that's not discouraging, nothing is. Well, actually, that might be a tiny lie, but that's how I feel these days.

    Please write me back soon. Thank you. Your pal always, Cuz, (that's what every calls me).

reply by the author on 28-Oct-2020
    Dear Eque,

    One of my favorite past-times these days is writing poems. Thank you for liking mine so much. I'd really love to get them published but haven't found anybody who does that. Tell me some things about you such as your way of keeping your ticker in shape. Since this junk's been plaguing the whole earth, there's no way for me to get out and jog or swim. Any suggestions on how to win this
    "Battle-Of-The-Bulge" now?

    Please write me back now. Thank you very much. From your pal always, Cuz.

reply by equestrik on 28-Oct-2020
    The only advice I have on that is science-calories in ad out!

reply by the author on 30-Oct-2020
    Thank you for the cool reply to my Jogging poem. That really did give me a major warm-fuzzy. All I need now is to find somebody who will publish my work and pay me for them. Please tell me if you know of such an address. That would be the greatest thing in the world for me to share my poems with the world. I also need some greenery in my wallet. All I have now is moths and a lot of air.

    Thank you for that reply. Please write again when you have time.

    Sincerely, your new buddy, Cuz, (that's my nickname, but everybody calls me that).
Comment by
Y. M. Roger
Poet Rating
  Rank:  18
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  Rank:  17
Not yet exceptional. When the exceptional rating is reached this is highlighted
LOL! Okay, so jogging is something you definitely enjoy!! ;) Your rhyme scheme of aabccb is well adhered to throughout, but you do not establish a rhythm for the reader to follow from one verse to the next. I would suggest starting with finding a pattern of syllables per line and then sticking to it for each verse... Think I'm gonna go downstairs for the ice cream now - yum!! ;) Thanx for sharing and best of luck! ;)

then to knit --> than to knit

I aught 'er. --> I ought 'er.

time I co out --> time I go out

I've warn out --> I've worn out

 Comment Written 24-Oct-2020

reply by the author on 27-Oct-2020
    Dear Most Honest Critic,

    That's what you've been for me so far. It's great that you were honest about my rhyming sceem. The thing is I invented my own rhythem of writing poetry. Thatt might be why it was difficult for you to follow it. You suggestions were really helpful so from now on I'll listen to your criticizms and take them under concideration. You didn't say much about my awesome, "punny" sence of humor,
    "If that happened, just call a, 'toe' truck," or the agony of, 'de-de-feet." As you can see, I'm a real punster. Your critisism has been greatly appreciated. I'll take those suggestions under concideration both for that poem and all the others I've written. Anything to help me be a better poet is greatly appreciated. That was a big help.

    Sincerely, Cuz Roye, (people call me Cuz becaus my real name has been abused to the point where it's really hard to even write it). When I lived with a guy he knew I didn't like my given name so he asked me to come up with a better name. I said, "Well, how about Cuz?" When he said, "Becasue why?" I replied, "Cause you can't think of nothing elce ot call me!" and it stuck. So everybody calls me that except my sister's family. Please cell me that name.

    Thank you for your helpful criticism. Your pal, Cuz.

reply by Y. M. Roger on 28-Oct-2020
    Wow, Cuz - I've had folks mute me and others ask me never to review their work and still a couple click over and give a 'revenge review' to one of my works, but you are only the second person to actually sincerely thank me for what I (as a crazy teacher - lol!) consider constructive criticism. ;) So, thank you so much for that and I wish you a wonderful remainder of the week out there in your corner of the universe! ;) Take care! ;) Yvette

reply by the author on 28-Oct-2020
    Dear Yvette,

    Since you are my only critic on my poems so far, I thank you for the suggestions. A while back I had a head-injury which has left me legally-blind with some memory-problems. Be-cause of that I spell words the way they sound. I am good at phonics though. This computer just didn't pick up on all those boo-boos. Other than that, hopefully you like my poems.

    God bless you for the reply.
    Your email-buddy, Cuz, (that's my nicname so everybody but my family calls me that).
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