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Reviews from
When Jesus Calls

Jesus will call those in the graves back to life on earth

  2 total reviews 
Comment by
Premier Author
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Poet Rating
  Rank:  52
Author Rating For Short Works
  Rank:  74
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Review Stars
  Rank:  63
This work has reached the exceptional level
Wonderful. I feel so sorry for those who do not read or know anything about the scripture other than what is misrepresent by Hollywood. What I find striking is when you speak to someone out in the world about scripture, their response is almost universally, "I never knew that." or "I never heard that before." So many people could be saved if they just took the time to read and gain an understanding of God's word.

 Comment Written 09-Sep-2021

reply by the author on 09-Sep-2021
    Thank you so much for your heartfelt review and generous rating. I am thrilled. A teenage school boy said to me on Tuesday, the trouble with the world is, they don't have knowledge from the Bible.
    Well, in the New World soon, everyone will know Jehovah. What a joy! Thank you kindly. Kindest regards 🤗 🙏
Comment by
C. Gale Burnett
Premier Author
Poet Rating
  Rank:  105 (+1)
Author Rating For Short Works
  Rank:  126
Review Stars
  Rank:  58
Not yet exceptional. When the exceptional rating is reached this is highlighted
What a positively uplifting poem; enjoyed the scattered rhyme. I especially liked the lines, 'if we can endure to the bitter end, our faith will make Satan a fool.' Amen. Beautiful poem!

 Comment Written 09-Sep-2021

reply by the author on 09-Sep-2021
    Thank you for your spiritual point of view. Your generous review and rating are wonderful to me. I am very pleased! Sincerely

reply by C. Gale Burnett on 09-Sep-2021
    You are so welcome!
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