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Four short years....

  41 total reviews 
Comment by
This work has reached the exceptional level
Beautiful,I thought them same words when I lost my son. It made me appreciate all of the good times we shared, Which made it a lot easier to bear.

 Comment Written 04-Feb-2013

reply by the author on 07-Apr-2014
    My thoughts and prayers are with you as well. I've been gone for a while dealing with life but I certainly hope to start writing again. I am pleased that my words touched you.
Comment by
Not yet exceptional. When the exceptional rating is reached this is highlighted
Beautiful Memories came from your heart. I got to know michael a little bit because of you. Love never dies and lives on forever in our hearts. Do you really know if you will never see him again. We are spirit beings forever and I am sure we are all in for many surprises when all is said and done. Thanks for sharing your love and thoughtful writing.

 Comment Written 04-Jun-2011

reply by the author on 10-Jul-2012
    Today is the anniversary of Michael's death and I chose to revisit FS and post a very special story. I discovered you post and apologize for not being around FS for so long..Your comments are appreciated and the thoughts were not lost.
Comment by
Not yet exceptional. When the exceptional rating is reached this is highlighted
Hello,Your writing touched my heart in so many ways.The story tells about your son and the memories were so profound to me,I to have a child who has been seriously ill,and has been through so much,Her name is Shelby she was born with a form of a cancerous brain tumor on her brain stem.She is now ten years old and I treasure every moment that I have with her,Her smile her laugh,Her fighting spirit,God bless you, Your writing touched our whole family.

 Comment Written 16-Jan-2011

reply by the author on 10-Jul-2012
    Hi..First my apologies that you never received a response from me...I lost touch with FS for awhile and only returned today to post a very special story about Michael...Today is the anniversary of his death and though it has been years...sometimes it feels like yesterday. God bless and hope this finds you and Shelby together in heart and mind.
Comment by
Not yet exceptional. When the exceptional rating is reached this is highlighted
wish you were able to post a picture of him. The poem was thought pervoking and touching. The memory of a child can stir alot of emotions thank you for sharing this.

 Comment Written 01-Sep-2010

reply by the author on 08-Sep-2010

    Thank you for reading my poem about my beloved son...I was able to post his picture in another poem..A Mother's Gift...if you would like to see his smiling face..An angel in life as well. Thank you so much. Smiles, Carol

reply by Deseree on 09-Sep-2010
    Cool Cant wait to see and read the new ( to me)
Comment by
Review Stars
Not yet exceptional. When the exceptional rating is reached this is highlighted
This is very beautiful. I am sorry for your loss. I have lost my first baby. He was only 3 months old. A short 6 months later I miscarried at 2 months along. I know your pain and hurt. God Bless you for sharing Michaels life. Take care, Janalea

 Comment Written 12-Apr-2010

reply by the author on 12-Apr-2010

    First and foremost, my heart goes out to you. I am so sorry that you lost your child. Don't ever let anyone say to you that your pain is not as great as someone who had their child longer...Losing a part of you, a very special part of you, and being cheated of experiencing all the moments in life that a mother shares with her child (regardless of how old the child is) is the most devastating event in ones life. I had two miscarriages, lost my precious son and also my seventeen year old grandson. If you ever need to talk, please fel free to message me. In the mean time, consider that our children are together, watching over us, and smiling. Thank you for reading Michael's poem...If you get a chance, please read "Butterflies From Heaven." I wrote it a long time ago, shortly after Michael died, but it was my salvation factor. I pray you find one too. Smiles, Carol
Comment by
This work has reached the exceptional level
reading this just makes me want to cry, its sooo real. What a fantastic childrens poem. I just couldnt imagine how I would be if that was my little boy. What a tribute to Michael, my condolences. God bless.

 Comment Written 01-Apr-2010

reply by the author on 06-Apr-2010

    You read my son's poem at a time when I really needed to know that someone else was connecting to me. Can't thank you enough...It was like a blessing from heaven. Smiles to you...Carol
Comment by
Review Stars
Not yet exceptional. When the exceptional rating is reached this is highlighted
The repetition of the one line lends rhythm to this writing.

The poem expresses such happiness through past memories and yet great sorrow for the loss of future memories.

The different scenarios are very sweet and loving. I like how each one adds a new warmth and affection.

Very nice work.

 Comment Written 09-Mar-2010

reply by the author on 10-Mar-2010

    Today, is the funeral of Michael's grandmother...I was touched when i opened my reviews and the first one was yours and you'd read about my son...Maybe a message I'd like to think! Thank you for the kind and wonderful response...I send you smiles, CArol

reply by vandawalker on 10-Mar-2010
    I'm so sorry to hear of the loss in your family. It is probably very difficult to go through more loss.
Comment by
This work has reached the exceptional level
Wow. Absolutely perfect. There is so much truth and pain in this tale that it is hard to comment on. children are the reason we breath and without them we would be able to define ourselves. Thank you so much for sharing this. What a wonderful way to commemorate a life.

 Comment Written 05-Feb-2010

reply by the author on 06-Feb-2010

    Thank you for reading and sharing my joy. Michael was a very special child that gave a lifetime of love in four short years. I can't tell you how pleased I am that you enjoyed his story. Smiles, Carol
Comment by
Review Stars
Not yet exceptional. When the exceptional rating is reached this is highlighted
This is beautiful. I can picture what is happening in each paragraph and though most make me smile I find myself very sad. What a wonderful say to express your feelings. Thanks for sharing this will me.

 Comment Written 30-Jan-2010

reply by the author on 31-Jan-2010

    Thank you ever so much for enjoying the poem about my son. He gave me four wonderful years and memories for a life time. Carol
Comment by
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Not yet exceptional. When the exceptional rating is reached this is highlighted
This poem is a beautiful tribute to Michael. You have described your memories of him in a beautiful way. Good luck in the contest.

 Comment Written 03-Nov-2009

reply by the author on 03-Nov-2009

    I was crying too much when I wrote it so I should have done a better job, but my emotions are definitely in the words. CArol

reply by eliz100 on 03-Nov-2009
    You di a great job and I could tell you were speaking from the heart.
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