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Reviews from
With Sonnet Wings-Part One

For Yelena;s Sonnet Wings

  2 total reviews 
Comment by
Eternal Muse
Level 1 Pro
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I am extremely moved by this tribute. Your words are like manna to my soul, flowing right into my heart. I am so glad you like my sonnets, and your high praise did indeed give me wings. Yes, I encompass a plethora of emotions and associations in my sonnets - love, nature, human relations, the powers of the divine. I love and adore the sonnet structure - it disciplines and mind and hones my poetic craft. And yes, you named sonnets very dear to my heart. Each sonnet is a journey to the unknown and exploration of divine for me. You capture it so well.

I am extremely moved, honored and flattered by your wonderful words, your caring and loving heart, your appreciation of my work, and all the power of Divine you put into these words.

They are deeply appreciated by your soul.

Lots of love,

Your friend,


 Comment Written 21-May-2010

reply by the author on 21-May-2010
    Again dearest friend, I am pleased you understood and assimilated
    the tribute. You inspire us to keep learning and striving in
    the writing craft; offer such keen insight and guiding impetus
    in your thoughts to soar a little higher, hold on longer, and
    never, never give up. Your indomitable spirit of resiliency
    and resolve is a beacon of light always shining ahead. It has
    been such a wondrous experience with your presence here, and
    the many hearts and minds you have both charmed and enobled.
    Thank you for your warm and kind expressions here; the privilege
    has alwlays been mine assure you appreciate you and treasure
    you as an extraordinarily endeared and loved friend.
    Love & Million Hugs,
Comment by
Review Stars
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Ronni, this is a lovely and well worded free flowing poem, analysing the art of sonnet writing to the lyrics of one of my all time favourite songs 'Wind Beneath My Wings'. I enjoyed the read and the way you have undertaken this piece. Thanks for sharing.

One little spag:

Youe [Your?] sonnets

Warmest regards, Marijke

 Comment Written 21-May-2010

reply by the author on 21-May-2010
    Thank you Marijke, for the great review, I am pleased you
    liked it. Will fix tha little spag...thanks for notice.
    I am touched by your kind thoughts and comments too. God Bless.
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