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Reviews from
In The Beginning

Prayer from Genesis 1

  2 total reviews 
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This work has reached the exceptional level
RichardFann, Having read this account in Genesis many times prepared me to expand my thinking to just how I personally relate to the account. Aligning my heart to walk in His light, Aligning my care to His creatures. These are all things to do, but you have invited me to do them rather than told me to do them. Super job!
I so appreciate your comparison of him gathering the water to make dry ground and us gathering our fears and tears so we can stand on dry ground.
I read this to others and they enjoyed it so much.

 Comment Written 18-Mar-2015

reply by the author on 19-Mar-2015
    Thanks for your comments. These ancient writings have incredible insights and often spark off ideas for writing.

    Am about to post a competition entry about being kind to wildlife.
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  Rank:  85
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This poem is a great accounting of creation. I enjoyed reading it.

Just as Jesus was rejected those he came to save often we as His followers will lose friends and even family members
I have had this happen, but I praise God the when others forsake me, He is always there for me. Patricia

 Comment Written 18-Mar-2015

reply by the author on 19-Mar-2015
    Thanks for your comments.

    Interestingly some of the scriptures wrestle present puzzles and parables that are hard to fathom.

    Like life, maybe going on the journey is more important than arriving.
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