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Reviews from
The Humility of God

A philosophical piece on humility and Easter.

  3 total reviews 
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The best way to be invisible is to stand in front of someone. Most people look away, not wanting to look into the eyes of another. Eyewitness identification is dubious, at best, and not very high when considered on a percentage basis.

Therefore, God/as male and female, chose Nature as a throne.

Too obvious, to magnificent to be considered a throne, in the mind of man that knows the price of everything, and the value of nothing.

The Old Testament tells us of a jealous God, who provided paradise for humankind, only to have the base nature of the Devil, interloping into the Garden of Eden, and corrupting man--encouraging the choice of seeking more, when paradise is everything.

God made a covenant with humankind, to bring some rules to paradise, for humankind has little self-control, is narcissistic, and un-grateful.

I once knew such a man [Human Kind] Reap What You Sow/Infidelity/Dishonesty

The eyes of the malcontent wander to the green grass across the fence, leaving what was gentle and kind, seeking an adventurous new face, a new place, leaving his Wife.
It will be his perpetual regret and disgrace.

Now having climbed the fence and walked on the grass, he finds it common and of average class, and some of the vermin found therein makes him think his leaving was a sin.
Now he turns and runs again to try to find where it all did begin, over the fence towards his former home.
He is too late; they have laid the most beautiful woman in his life, under the green, green, grass of home.
No one is there to meet him, no arms outstretched to greet him; he is alone on the green, green, grass of home. [Song Green, Green Grass of Home]

Humankind may find unrequited love, and no salvation, if God is abandoned.
The resurrection, in my view was God's message that humans, made in the image of God, are not perpetual, not entitled; they will die, and if they do not repent, and follow God, they will become the dust, the very dirt that the evil Devil/snake will slither over for eternity.

For all who question what God may do, the Old Testament is for you.

As your story relates, we must not only hope and pray for the promise of God, we must live the covenant.
As an explanation, or excuse, "I am sorry, is a sad story," for it has no value in the face of betrayal.

 Comment Written 02-Apr-2015

reply by the author on 04-Apr-2015
    Thanks for you detailed comments.

    My sneaking feeling is that the humility of God is his basic characteristic,
    and that his love comes from this.
    However, no-one agrees with me!

    It is too revolutionary.

    Humans love heirarchy and stature and celebrity.

    Why should God do all that stuff?
    We assume he will do it , and do it better!
    I say not!

    God has his own way.
    We will be surprised when we meet God
    and find that heaven was not designed by humans.
    It could by quite ordinary.

    With its main feature humility.
    In fact, am just about to post a short poem on that!
Comment by
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I look forward to Heaven and my new home, but to imagine what the throne of God will be like is something that reading the word of God tells me is probably more beautiful that the beauty of the most brilliant sunrise. When we get to Heaven I think I will be overwhelmed with pure awe for and AWSESOMT and marvelous God, Patricia
Listening to a hymn called Saved, Saved. One of my favorite hymns.

 Comment Written 30-Mar-2015

reply by the author on 09-Apr-2015
    Thanks for your kind comments.
Comment by
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I think God is not a being that sits on a throne in heaven, but everything that is. He is totally spirit. We narrow our conception of God because, as you've said, He is beyond comprehension. Thus, we try to make Him understandable and touchable. I liked your 'rant' because it brings the simplicity of Christianity, to the fore. Good job, here.

 Comment Written 29-Mar-2015

reply by the author on 09-Apr-2015
    Thanks for your comments.
    Will stop ranting for a bit now.
    Easter brought it on.
    Glad to find a thinker in yourself.
    There seem to be a lot of The Brainwashed about who simply
    spout what they have been told.
    Rant over!
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