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Reviews from
Coastal Discovery. STAGE DRAMA.

A pale teenage semi-romance.

  2 total reviews 
Comment by
Debra White
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Hi Richard :)
I liked this a lot.
I like how it started and where it ended up - not the typical, not what I expected - it had DEPTH...
Maybe it hasn't got a plot, but I enjoyed the journey. I wouldn't call it romance OR humour - it's something else.... don't know what, but it worked for me :)
Kindest regards as always, debs x

 Comment Written 08-Apr-2015

reply by the author on 09-Apr-2015
    Thanks Debs.
    As well as writing on FS am watching Ordinary Lies, the BBC1 TV drama.

    Am realising my dramas need to match it. With lots of spicy stuff going on,
    interlaced with a few home truths.

    The strange thing about this story is I used the technique of a pin on a page,
    or in my case the hard end of a paint brush on a page of the book mentioned,
    and came up with the exact letters. To spell DEPTH.

    Am scared of doing it again.

    The next word might be 'SANDUNES.'
Comment by
Jacob Collins
Review Stars
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I enjoyed reading this piece. I thought that you constructed your scenes well and that your dialogue moved along freely and that the writing was well written. My only suggestion would be to perhaps changing the font or the colour as I did find it quite difficult to read in some parts. Overall though, an excellent piece...Jacob

 Comment Written 07-Apr-2015

reply by the author on 07-Apr-2015
    Thanks . Have altered font and colour to more normal. Looks better now.
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