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Reviews from
The Search

Viewing comments for Chapter 3 "Aiding In the Search"

The lady's escape becomes a countrywide search

  2 total reviews 
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  Rank:  50
Not yet exceptional. When the exceptional rating is reached this is highlighted
Very good reading. I appreciate the detailed descriptions you provide throughout. It has some interesting twists and turns to it. There is a good level of suspense and by leaving it open ended for the next chapter a high level of mystery. The suspense compels the reader to keep going, wanting to know what the next sentence will reveal. Good writing, good reading, thank you.

 Comment Written 06-Jun-2016

reply by the author on 06-Jun-2016
    Thank you for your 'excellent' rating and your kind words. Do stop by again soon. Catherin

reply by aryr on 06-Jun-2016
    You are most welcome, I definitely will.
Comment by
Review Stars
Not yet exceptional. When the exceptional rating is reached this is highlighted
This is a very good story. I enjoy the plot. You have described the settings and the people nicely. However, there were a number of spelling and grammatical errors. Examples:

Paragraph 9 - PLACE not PLACES
Paragraph 11 - ON not OWN
Paragraph 30 - CURTSIES not COURTESIES
Paragraph 31 - period after Fantasia. He
Paragraph 32 - period after Lord. She

Do a good edit and this will be great. I will look forward to your next installment.

Thank you for sharing.

 Comment Written 05-Jun-2016

reply by the author on 05-Jun-2016
    Thank you for your informative review. The suggested corrections will be made.
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