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Reviews from
The Folly of Political Fundraising

A personal experience with both Democrats and Republicans

  2 total reviews 
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2018 Novelist of the Year.
2017 Short Works and 2017 Script Writer of the Year.
Thomas Bowling
Premier Author
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  Rank:  348
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Another home run. I love election time. Next year the real campaigning begins for the general election and once again my mailbox will be stuffed to overflowing with letters begging for donations. Just in time. My box of fire starter paper is dwindling.

 Comment Written 30-Oct-2018

reply by the author on 31-Oct-2018
    My favorite sport used to be boxing (until all the guys I followed retired or declined). Election season has a similar mentality. I watch it on TV, drinking like its Sunday instead of Tuesday and staying up very late. It is one of my favorite nights of doing nothing but watching TV, of which there are two for me throughout the year, and maybe a stray one if I am sick and one of my children is home with me, sick too. Thank you for your comments.
Comment by
Mrs. KT
Premier Author
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  Rank:  10
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  Rank:  42
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  Rank:  86

#10 Ranked Poet
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Good Morning, Lance,
Your essay is balanced and well-crafted in terms of arguments and evidence offered for the reader to digest.
I choose not to play the game.
You are correct when you write that this type of political maneuverings/insanity will continue as long as there is a two-party system. Either/or thinking doesn't help man progess...
Excellent thoughts to ponder and reflect upon.
Thank you for sharing!

 Comment Written 30-Oct-2018

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