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Reviews from
What Has Become of Racism?

A commentary on how race hatred has changed over the years.

  3 total reviews 
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His Grayness
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I honestly and sincerely find it a shame and great disappointment than an author and Teacher with such a gift of communications skills, has turned those gifts to focus on demeaning a man who has done so much positive work for AMERICA in the face of constant angst and corruption delivered by the ruthless, shameful democrats and their sorry ass followers! Donald Trump is a personal friend of many years and I know him to be one of the wisest and most generous people I've ever met. He loves the right things in life and has done a wonderful job of positive improvements to America since taking office, and all in the face of immediate and constant hatred from the media and Democrat pigs who only seek their own privilege of corruption and power. I share his friendship with many other Americans and foreign business people that have worked with him and myself in often very difficult circumstances. His works have always been fair and decent in all my experiences and when comparing him to the ETHICS AND CREDIBILITIES of the American Democrats, it is like comparing puppies to PIGS! An unbiased and honest reflection of his positive achievements to the USA should fast shut the mouths of the truly ignorant hate mongers! HIS GRAYNESS: Vance

 Comment Written 02-Nov-2018

reply by the author on 02-Nov-2018
    I'm not a Democrat either. This one is more about the obvious greed, selfishness and thin-skinned sadness of the man, who has never loved anything. I don't hate him. I find him very sad, a pathetic figure, really, who will go down in history as a disgrace. This piece is not just about Trump. He is merely a straw man to make a larger point about the racial animus we feel today and how it is forcefully suppressed. Trump is just an easy example of this. You cannot run a nation where people are in need like a soulless corporation. This has nothing to do with his personal generosity, or really him personally at all. It is about his reign over business, which is inherently corrupt by definition. Thank you for the otherwise praise, anyway. You'll probably like the next one better. This is really just a provocative piece because my blog's sponsors gave me a number to reach for a prize. Race is an issue that pisses everybody off.

reply by His Grayness on 02-Nov-2018
    Lance, I guess we shall simply have to agree to disagree and I deeply apologize for not being able to deliver the written joy, understanding, perspective, and praise that my experience with Trump has instilled in me! Sorry it did not give you any peace! Vance

reply by the author on 02-Nov-2018
    No bother at all. This whole undertaking I am involved with sometimes requires me to shift positions in order to provoke a result. I have no desire to offend anyone, but will not shy away. I met Donald Trump once, many years ago. He was going down the line and shaking all of us government workers' (I worked for the State Department in those days) hands. I remember him looking at the next person all the way down the line while he was shaking the former's hand. His look was a two second smile with that smirking nod the anti-Trump side of the press likes to use for every picture he is in. I thought he was an asshole and so did nearly everybody else there, including congressmen, a mayor, a governor and a Senator. I remember the mayor saying "Wow. What a fucking asshole." I laughed and agreed with him.

reply by His Grayness on 02-Nov-2018
    Lance, this is my official sincere apology for trying to sell Trump as it is obvious to me and many others that his demeanor has shifted greatly since my times respecting him in person. I do actually remember a time even back then, when he went off on one of my work team guys and then I went off on him and it took quite a while for all that to settle out. he is clearly impatient and now under circumstances that call for a damn lot of it so I'm taking a new perspective now and resolve that my commentary about him shall remain quiet and I will simply say a regular prayer for him and hope it helps. I do believe that in spite of his downsides, he has done one hell of a good job in cleaning up Washington and certainly hope he can keep the crats out of any powers that matter. Best wishes to you and I shall look forward with positive anticipation of any of your new works! Vance

reply by His Grayness on 02-Nov-2018
    Thanks LANCE, and let peace and joy be ours always! Vance

reply by His Grayness on 02-Nov-2018
    Thanks so much for your very wise and wonderful message. Peace and Goodwill always! Vance
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I respect your views and I will fight for your right to express them. I have to admit though, that I disagree with all your assumptions and analysis. You are definitely convinced with your argument, so no matter how I explain my point, it will fall on deaf ears. Anyway thanks for sharing. God bless.

 Comment Written 02-Nov-2018

Comment by
Not yet exceptional. When the exceptional rating is reached this is highlighted
Well written, certainly a topic that would cause people to think about their views. The corporate giants are certainly the monsters. As you say that only takes the attention off of the individuals

 Comment Written 02-Nov-2018

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