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Reviews from
Religion--A Panacea to Mother Earth

Formal essay for a conference and journal publication

  21 total reviews 
Comment by
Liz O'Neill
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  Rank:  126
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Your use of alliteration especially with the hard c's intensifies the mood. Hopefully the reader will heed your cautionary tale. Your allusions may send the reader scrambling to learn more about some of these references you have cited. These do not just refer to religious values, but more importantly for me, spiritual values. It may be a matter of semantics, however, too many are distorting the original meaning of religious values and are applying their own distorted values to religion. I looked up a list of modern day spiritual leaders. My favorite is Eckhart Tolle. Here is the list for you to consider: The 10 Most Influential Spiritual Leaders Around The World
Deepak Chopra. ...
The Dalai Lama. ...
Paulo Coelho. ...
Pope Francis. ...
Thich Nhat Hanh. ...
Eckhart Tolle. ...
James Redfield. ...
don Miguel Ruiz.

This is well written.

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 Comment Written 04-Nov-2018

reply by the author on 04-Nov-2018
    Thanks for your thoughtful comments, for taking time to read, and for your list. I already had three of those on the list in the essay. Some of them are not religious leaders but spiritual writers, so would not be acceptable in the premise of this essay, but they are great influencers (have read them all).

    I personally prefer universal spirituality to formal religion, but this conference requires religious views. Thanks, dear.

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