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A funny film. Details below.

  3 total reviews 
Comment by
2019 Script Writer of the Year
Bill Schott
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#3 Ranked Script Writer
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This haiku movie review for Gremlins looks good and but makes me think two things. You never saw the movie and those big red flowers need a loin cloth.

 Comment Written 24-Dec-2018

reply by the author on 29-Dec-2018
Comment by
victor 66
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  Rank:  106
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GREMLINS is a really good Christmas movie. It's much like the most obnoxious and destructive relatives coming to visit and don't plan on leaving for at least a month. When the movie is over, the gremlins aren't at your house and you hope those relatives don't show up either. Gook luck in the contest.

 Comment Written 23-Dec-2018

reply by the author on 23-Dec-2018
    Thanks for your great perception, great comments, and penetrating wit.

    That's what writing is about.

    We could make a new film: "Gremlins meet the Unexpected Guest"
    [or the " In-Laws" ].

    The saddest part of the film is when they somehow get blown up in the cinema.

    A bit far fetched.
    A gas bottle blows up a cinema?

    Some of the props were hard to believe.

    Also they could have made more of the encounter between the woman
    and the Gremlin in the Christmas tree.

    A long fighting scene, like in the Matrix would have been appropriate.

    PS: Had the Gremlins sequestered a coach and travelled to the coast,
    for a swim, we may have had an epic thriller.

    It could have been a Christmas movie that lasted until Easter.

    Imagine this:

    You've taken your partner to the movies.

    You've told her (or him) there's a funny film they need to watch.

    And now, as you're watching the film at the local Cinema, a fleet of Gremlins run in and start
    smashing up the place.
    You switch on the torch app on your mobile and you get the hell out of there,
    not forgetting to apologise to your partner..

    We need more drama like this in our lives.


reply by victor 66 on 23-Dec-2018
    Quite the reply, I'm impressed. A long time ago I had a 5 week old Siamese kitten. Reading the paper on the john, I hadn't noticed the kitten had climbed into my shorts. Realizing the time, I rushed to pull up my pants to get to work. I screamed, the kitten let out a screech and left 4 tiny red spots near my very personal area. The vet said that my kitten was the youngest cat she'd ever declawed. Daisy could have been a gremlin. She would have fit in quite well in the movie.
Comment by
Hayley Zemontas
Review Stars
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Great choice of movie to review. This is a classic and I've watched it a few times. I have to agree, it's definitely more comedy than horror, although I think for a young child it could be quite traumatic when the gremlins turn evil haha. But generally it's quite comedic. Also, how cute is gizmo?! He has the sweetest, largest eyes. I like that you chose the section of the film that you found the funniest. This seems quite a hard task, to review a movie in just 5-7-5 syllables so I think you did a great job due to the limitations x

 Comment Written 23-Dec-2018

reply by the author on 23-Dec-2018
    Thanks Hayley for your feedback.

    A great story has a good twist.

    In Gremlins it's them playing poker or some such in the pub,
    then they find the Snow White film in the cinema projection room.

    And you're thinking: What's this got to do with smashing up the town?

    Then the sing along!

    And it turns out that they're cuddly littles creatures, much like ( or the same as) us.

    Was well surprised and found it very funny.

    Best wishes for Christmas and a brill New Year 2019.
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