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Zoe and the Beach Rescue

14 year old Zoe gets in trouble.

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Hi Richard, what i loved about this script is, even if it is about a dog and friend, i enjoyed reading till the end just to know what the solution was. I think this script is so well done, that it should help the reader to recognize you as a writer. Bravo. Love Terry xoxo

 Comment Written 21-Mar-2019

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This was a good read, Richard Fann. I liked the dialogue and the story itself. The script was well written and it reminded me of Lassie. But in a good way. Nice job.

 Comment Written 14-Mar-2019

reply by the author on 17-Mar-2019
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Debra White
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Richard :)
An intense couple of scenes here - the altercation with Aunt Bet, followed by a tumble over the cliff edge. Zoe's having a rubbish day...! Thank goodness that help is on it's way.
Just thinking, a 14yr old girl would have something a bit stronger to say than 'Bucking broncos!' and 'Oh ship! Shippety ships at sea!' though!! I know it's for radio, but it could be aired after the watershed ;)
Best wishes as always, Debra

 Comment Written 14-Mar-2019

reply by the author on 14-Mar-2019

    The expletives are to avoid a language challenge.

    I'm inspired by Philomena Cunk (played by Charlie Brooker), because her name is far too close to a similar word. But it's all part of the humour.

    This is just a fun piece for my Class, as a character creation exercise. It's not actually for radio.

    Actually, I should write a poem filled with words like "cunk" which have not been misspelt.


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