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Oscillation,waste and worry

...As some waste hits the fan

  2 total reviews 
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  Rank:  217
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  Rank:  76
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  Rank:  385
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It is hard to not worry, even if God always gets us through. But the unknown is scary, and sometimes God gives us more than we can bear unless we change, and I think that's His purpose in our tribulations. Thanks for sharing. Patricia

 Comment Written 12-Mar-2020

Comment by
Marjon van Bruggen
Premier Author
Calle Romani, 14
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  Rank:  21
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  Rank:  36
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  Rank:  69
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  Rank:  28
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DJeckert, before I looked at this poem, I read your bio, and then the discussion about coincidence. I became so curious that I read this poem with more interest than I would have done if I didn't have a clue about your thinking.
First: I like it a lot. It is a very political statement, more than a poem, but: it rhymes, has a clear meaning, makes me think.
The first line appeals to me, it is so true: the reality of today is not something to be so happy with, but if (looked it up in Webster) "it becomes a pleasurable use of possession", the whole poem emanates a cynical outlook. I agree: the wasted time could have been spent better contemplating the wonders of God's grace.
Super work. Thank you

 Comment Written 12-Mar-2020

reply by the author on 13-Mar-2020
    Hi Marion

    Thank you so much for the kind review and the nice words and the beautiful insight. I'll have to look into your profile as well. Bless you and thanks again

reply by Marjon van Bruggen on 13-Mar-2020
    You are very welcome. It was good to find something "different" here.
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