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Questions on equitable living

The most important questions facing humanity

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Patrick Henry. . .where have all the true heroes gone in the US? Why does it feel they were present in our country but as those heroes passed on, new ones did not replace them? It does seem there is so much more information thru technology available today, new heroes would definitely emerge and take their stand to "Give me liberty or give me death!". Maybe war is becoming obsolete now that we are a "global" community? Young people today have friends all over the world and who in their right mind would want to hurt a dear friend? Perhaps it's time for the world governments to catch up with the people and try to find peace among nations. If someone doesn't like Republic system of government, they should be welcome in Russia or China. The same should be true for Russia and China. . . if people don't want to live in an oppressed country, they should be able to move to where they feel alive and supported. I do wonder if at some point, this will happen for the world. . .now wouldn't THAT be amazing. . .NO MORE WAR? People living in harmony. I'm not sure how this applies to your writing. . .but this is what your writing made me think about. :) Best of luck in the contest. I also admire the artwork you've selected.

 Comment Written 19-Mar-2020

reply by the author on 20-Mar-2020
    Hi there, and thank you souch for the six stars. But much more importantly thank you for sharing your great insight. Would it be wonderful ? Those things you suggest. But I think it will never happen on this fallen Earth, where fallen men will always be corrupted into what we ALWAYS experience today. It's not until we have Jesus at the New Earth's Throne (that the Bible promises ) is when we will experience it. ( In my view) Blessings to you and thanks again. I myself am heavily praying that God give me the kind of courage that the Patriots had during the Revolutionary war, where they faced smallpox, and STILL , with God's help beat back tyranny.

reply by moongirlwriter on 21-Mar-2020
    maybe a little too positive thinking? :)
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Elizabeth Emerald
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Well said. Good contrast re fear/less and casualties ensuing or not. I shall go forth to serve--I will not cower in fear! (Not noble; just going stir-crazy at home.) Cheers. LIZ

 Comment Written 19-Mar-2020

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