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Football, the game of life

A tongue in cheek look at our world

  2 total reviews 
Comment by
Joseph Registrato
Needs Improvement
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I'm an avid football fan trying to stay alive into the season, i think it's just a bit premature to start joking about the virus. there will come a time when it will be okay, just not yet. Too many people still dropping dead and all the politicians seem willing to do is say what a great job they're doing, which i don't really think is true. As for the writing (call it the craft), its fine, clear and concise and understandable, which is not an easy thing to do, so that's a positive.

 Comment Written 10-Apr-2020

reply by the author on 10-Apr-2020
    Hey there, I appreciate your reading and remarks to my write. But A serious part ( no joke at all ) of this goofy write is telling us that most of those "dropping dead" from the Nasty virus, are people who are only called " Corona" and NOT "the fumble" , by the " officials" . Perhaps research into that might make you feel a little better. Here's a great link to start with:

    Blessings. This video is filled with massive truth about it, so I pray that you watch it.
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DJ!!! DJ!!! You found a way!!! Now everyone in the NFL can get a trophy!!! They are all good players... we know for a fact, so why can't they all get into the act??? LOL #TROPHYSFOREVERYONE!!!

 Comment Written 10-Apr-2020

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Football Chapter 3 part 2
A mother faces life's struggles.

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