Chapter 8 - Part 3
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Are we Revolting? Or What?...

Does God wonder as well?

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conscious dreamer
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Ok...This short and simple one line poetry speaks out so much.... Absolutely amazing.
Your Topic and Picture both stand out.
Love the poetry too....It shall do well in the contest...Best if luck !

 Comment Written 22-Apr-2020

Comment by
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There will always be those who are revolting. There will always be different interpretations of Freedom, and there will always be people punished with Death for misguidedly demanding freedom, when staying at home could save lives. 'Tyranny' itself is in the eye of the beholder, and is sometimes for our own good, hard as that may be to swallow. "Live Free or Die" could perhaps be changed to "Live Free and Die".

 Comment Written 22-Apr-2020

reply by the author on 22-Apr-2020
    Or it could be that misguidedly "staying home to save lives" is going to starve 30 million people to death like the United Nations is reporting .
    Or, it could be that 90 percent or more of the " deaths by Corona virus" aren't really deaths by Corona virus at all. Like much of the real news is reporting. ( news that isn't owned by the big pharma companies that are the sponsors of the MSM "news" , commercials. That same big pharma that wants us to be sick and buying more of their products , and taking their covid vaccines that already don't work, like the one for the flu, which is also a covid virus...the rabbit hole can go quite deep there, but I'll refrain). Or it could be that most of the deaths, are deaths that occured "After having tested positive for Corona virus" , even though the doctors admit that the "infection" had nothing to do with the death.
    Or it could be the great financial incentives thwarted onto the medical community for " coding " patients as Corona virus patients , even when they haven't even been tested. There is MUCH more that is "dying" or going to die, as a result of this media/ medical / government complex, shutdown hoax , than the already statistically dying, that they relabel as tragic "virus deaths". Perhaps more research is in order. I pray ,that you at least watch these two videos:

    So , "live free or die", is a much better Motto , than your proposed , " live as a slave, and then let everything dear to us die! " It has an awfully horrendous sounding ring to it.


reply by LisaMay on 22-Apr-2020
    It has come to crunch time for a different way of thinking about how we are to inhabit the Earth as a plague species. This pause while we stay at home for a while is a good time for reflection and lateral thinking. Those drug companies had us in thrall already with our ridiculous opioid addictions.

reply by the author on 22-Apr-2020
    We aren't a " plague species" at all. The Bible tells us we are ALL beautifully made in God's image. The " plague" comes souly from Satan and our ignorance to him. People will come to that realization and enlightenment more than to a humanist one( one that is against reality, trusting that people are "basically" good , and could never really do/ have such evil agendas.) But you are right that a reflection is going to change our world, the question is how much Liberty will we forfeit? and have to fight to get get there.

reply by LisaMay on 23-Apr-2020
    I might have been incorrect to call humans a plague species, but there are definitely too many of us and in places we have become the equivalent of a plague on the land and its resources, like locusts.

reply by the author on 23-Apr-2020
    Most of the " resource problems " , the world suffers come purely from the Government over any particular society and it's abuse/ mismanagement or holding away of the multitude of resources that God gave / gives the world.
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