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God spitting?

  2 total reviews 
Comment by
Amanda Louise Davis
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  Rank:  593
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I liked this, but what was it meant to be? A haiku, what kind of poem? Just curious, but I liked the punchiness of it. Very nice commentary on religion.

 Comment Written 06-May-2020

Comment by
Premier Author
Premier Reader
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  Rank:  123
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I like the ambiguity in the last line. I'm not sure if this is how it's meant but I sort of read it as is the church non-essential to the important aspects of the religion, I suppose is the building an essential part of the whole community. Or maybe you are just questioning the beliefs.
I wonder if you need some punctuation after right, or if you have deliberately left it blank. I think a question mark could be used to show the thoughts of it, or an ellipsis to show the thought is leading on to bigger questions.

 Comment Written 06-May-2020

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