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Reviews from
Are we STILL being played?

A poetic political essay

  2 total reviews 
Comment by
Margaret Bednar
Premier Author
Premier Reader
Poet Rating
  Rank:  49
Author Rating For Short Works
  Rank:  24
Review Stars
  Rank:  76
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a Stradivarius is played with love and care... not sure many politicians on either side are able to do this. Your format of this "political poem" is all over the place. I'm not getting into siding with any political ideal here on this site so I will remain neutral - but the meter is off at times and spot on at times. I'd like to see superfluous words taken out as this isn't an essay - It has wit and potential.

 Comment Written 07-May-2020

reply by the author on 07-May-2020
    Hey there thanks for the read and review. They certainly have no love or care for the people as you aptly point out. I'm well aware that its meter is off at times, and like any of my writes, I often get that eventually straightened out. but as soon as I figure out a way to say exactly what I want to say , then to get that weirdly sacred meter "spot on", without sacrifice of the meaning , then I'll probably edit it. But as far as it being an essay, I'll say that "poetic essays" are often part of my style. Blessings to you

reply by Margaret Bednar on 07-May-2020
    Meter is something I struggle with and often ignore in the name of "free verse" :) But you did so well with meter in much of this piece, I think any "struggle" you have will be worth it!

reply by the author on 07-May-2020
    Thanks, I suppose I should put more effort in tightening it up. Blessings
Comment by
Sally Law
Premier Author
Poet Rating
  Rank:  30
Author Rating For Short Works
  Rank:  7
Author Rating For Novels
  Rank:  8
Review Stars
  Rank:  18

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#8 Ranked Novelist
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Wow. This is astounding. I suspected Hilary would run with Biden, but honestly, as soon as he wins, poor Joe will be mysteriously incapacitated and she will stride unashamedly to her throne. What a unexpected surprise it will be, or not. She's probably rehearsing her astonished look right now. She has the gall to call us deplorables? Good one, D. Loved the illustration, too. Sal xo

 Comment Written 07-May-2020

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